DESTA Alcohol & Liquors Factory plc would like to hire Senior Sales Promoters

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Job Description

DESTA Alcohol & Liquors Factory plc


Desta alcohol and Liquors Factory PLC is currently looking for qualified competent Applicant for the job positions listed below in a permanent base.


1.Senior Sales Promoters

Required qualification

  • BA Degree in Marketing Management Business Administration and Related Computer Skill, communication market campaign through social media

Duties of Station

  • Develop new markets. Expand existing markets Realize Sales activities Handle communicate customers
  • Identify potential markets, Promote major products, Study market needs and demands Make sales processes and orders, Prepared formal report activities, Conduct market Survey, Design promotional tools, Solve market problem etc
  • Salary As per company Scale

Deadline for the submission of application letter will be within Seven (7) working days after the announcement. All important documents including letter of application, updated CV, credential copies of degree and

original documents should be submitted to the following address in person or P.O.Box: 1139 Quiha,

Contract Address:

Tele: 0928957559, Fax: +251 34422123

Visit via website. Destaalcohol. Com Mekelle-Quiha

Opening Date: 04 July. 2024G.C Closing Date: 11 July. 2024G.C