The Government of Regional State of Tigrai would like to hire Woreda Project Coordinator

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Job Description

Vacancy Announcement For the Recruitment of Woreda Project Coordinator (WPC)


  • Job Title: Woreda Project Coordinator
  • Technical Assistant Level: Expert
  • Reports to: Maekel Adyabo Woreda
  • Duty Station: Mekelle, Tigray Region
  • Duration: 6 months with possibility of extension
  • Salary: ETB 27,292.00


  • The candidate must have BA/MA/Msc in Economics, development management,
  • The candidate must have 8 years of work experience in coordinating donor funded O
  • 4 years of experience in coordinating multispector projects
  • Experience working on emergency projects is preferred.

VI. How to Apply

Interested candidates can apply by sending/submitting electronic/hard copies of their letter of job applications, curriculum Vitae (CV) as well as all relevant credentials to HRM Office of the Tigray Region Interim Administration room number 3-09 at the third floor. Email address

ናይ ምዝገባ ጊዜ ካብ 02/11/2016 ዓ/ም ክሳብ ዕለት 08/11/2016 ዓ/ም

ተወዳደርቲ ዘለኩም መረዳእታ ትምህርቲ /ካብ 8º ክፍሊ ክሳብ ዝላዕለ ደ/ትምህርቲ፣CV፣ናይ ስራሕ ማመልከቻ ፣ስራሕ

ልምዲ ዘይተጓደለ /ኣብ ዘይመንግ ስታዊ፣ ልምዓት ትካላትን እተኾይኑ ካብ በዓል መዚ እቶት ግብሪ ዝተኸፈለሉ መረዳእታ/

ኣብቲ ዝተጠቀሰ መዓልቲ ክትምዝገቡ ትኽእሉ ምዃንኩም ነተሓሳስብ፡

ንዝበለፀ ሓበሬታ 034-440 42 68ÍKS 034-44077 23

Mob. No 0914129686